Anti Aliasing issues

This is my first significant amount of phone comps since moving to Flame on Mac. 2022.3. HD plate, 1500x3000 flat art, bilinear/perspective transform. The text seems unusually jagged, though the rest of the art looks alright. I don’t remember ever seeing this in linux, but again, it’s been awhile. Incidentally a coworker also mentioned it, and he used to be a linux guy too.

Screenshots attached. What’s more curious is EWA+Linear: it looks extra blurry, not nicely filtered. Am I crazy, or is this how it’s always been? Viewer filtering is on, but you see this in renders. And I’ve flipped all the options in node/batch prefs to no avail.

My solve was to resize the comp to UHD, and resize back to HD in Action. A resize/lanczos node brought back the same jaggies.

that bottom one is definitely…odd.

Try lowering hte AA radius to 0.5 and see if that helps on frame 2

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Resize using Lanczos from big to small is a bad idea. It’s designed to go from small to big.

Typically Anisotropic is better for surfaces rotated to camera like your shot. I’d try that. If not, then blur it.

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Kinda what @Randy said. I can’t see how big the phone is in your HD plate, but 1500x3000 artwork is pretty highres. A really, REALLY good Action trick to get around having to crank the bejeebus out of AA when scaling down high-rez artwork is to pre-blur it. You won’t even be able to tell. The jaggies will clean right up and you’ll probably be able to get away with just 1 sample and EWA.

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Thanks. .5 AA radius still goofy looking. Aniso still goofy looking. Pre-blur helps, but the text legibility suffers quickly, and i still see some suspicious jaggies.

FWIW the phone is maybe 600 pixels in vertical size on screen. So medium close up.

I’ll keep fooling around with it when I get downtime.

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Are you mucking about in linear? If you’re converting a white rec709 insert to acescg or something it might be the values going nuclear that’s messing you up.


You don’t need artwork that big. Resize it down first using Shannon to something more 1:1 ish and you should be fine.


Artwork must be print resolution!!!111!

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There is a matchbox called FX HWAA I think, that sometimes does wonders on aliasing, not sure about here. You put it after your comp.

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All rec709 videospace. Attaching a shot: resized artwork to 1/3 with shannon, Still goofy looking. I swear it feels like my Flame is whacked out, normally this stuff looks ok with just EWA and 1 sample, right? Or have I been too long out of the screen comp game?

Let me tell you how many times we’ve changed the text copy and the time and date… now that’s been enjoyable.

Weird. Hit Preview. Does that help? And just in case turn off Z Buffer if there are any other surfaces in there.
Also, look at your artwork source. Is THAT funky in Flame?

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Are you on Discord? I’ve got a minute between renders if you wanna/can share your screen.


Preview doesn’t help. Z buffer has been off. It’s just art and the BG plate. Artwork looks fine when it’s flat.

Would appreciate a discord share, but expecting client call shortly. Maybe we can circle back again when it’s slower? thanks guys for all the suggestions!

Is this per chance a geometry and not a surface? I have had similar problems with geo.

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it’s a dumb question, but is motion blur on?

Not a geo. just a plain old surface.

Tried moblur on and off

I highly recommend turning off filtering in the viewer. It’s hard to know what pixels you are making when you have filtering on. With filtering off, view it at 100%, or even 200% or 400%. It’s the only way you can actually judge filtering of the image.

Turning down softness in the action Anti-aliasing prefs might eke out a bit more apparent sharpness.

If you’ve been working in 4k a lot, going back to HD everything in HD looks soft.

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Actually (I’m not sure for how long it has been this way) filtering is “off” when the viewer is at 100%.

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I do have a screenshot from a 100% viewer, but probably shouldn’t post that as commercial has’t aired. However it’s got the jaggies. And I did do filtering on/off and whole number zooms just to be sure!

Anyhow, legal just changed and a date on a phone just changed. Off to appease the legal gods. Again appreciate the troubleshotting

Almost looks like source was tagged as field rate.