Blur chroma?

I’ve come across some really shitty, noisy vision that I’ve applied a LUT to and it’s fallen to pieces in 8bit land. I’m wondering if Flame has a simple “blur chrominance” function? The fix for now was to separate RGB, denoise the shit out of it and recombine, but is there an easier way? Quantel Henry/Editbox had a LOT of shortfalls, but it had a Blur Chroma function - which would fix this, all the while keeping the Luminance values intact.


Try separating using YUV.

Y-luminance (leave this alone)
U & V are your chroma

Actually blurring the S channel in Hue/Sat/Lightness does what I’m looking for, cheers! (I thought the combine node was only RGB…)

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I think that OFX S_Blurs has a blur chroma setting also.

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Flame Blur Node. Not in front of my machine now but there is a place to blur chroma and luminance separately. Left side of the UI near the bottom.

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I am in front of a machine, and Randy is right!

you have to change the “colorspace” toggle in the lower left from “RGB” to “YUV” which will pop up an option to only affect chroma under the channels matrix.

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Did I surprise you Sir Dillio with Some Phat Flame Knowledge?


Nice Tip!!!

Thanks, I didn’t know this!

Well would you look at that!

On a related issue to this, there’s a nice use if Chroma blur here that Vico Sharabani used to periodise text. See around 23:20 onwards:

I greatly miss these demos as they contained so many jewels in their crown. Maybe the Logik academy could take this on more (can’t wait for Joel v2!!)

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