Title Resizing

I’ve come across a title issue - we have a 4K TIFF but our DI working resolution is 2K. It’s a rec709 straight text that when resized looks off no matter what I’ve tried to do (different blend modes, matte edging etc) If I resize the plate to 4k and comp the title it looks good and matches. We’re trying to get a 2K delivery (the 4K is needed for Imax) but wondering if anyone had any Flame tricks on how to make it look better with the resize?

Hi Chad,

Can you elaborate on “off” - is it a letter shape issue or text edge issue?

You likely shouldn’t be using the Resize module for this and instead should be compositing using Action.


Thanks! - yes someone mentioned Action is always better which I redid the batch - what I mean with “off” is that it looks slightly eroded somehow when it goes from 4K to 2K - it especially affects the capital I and these guys in the theater are extremely particular.

You might get better resizing if your image is multiplied instead of straight—I’ve historically seen some issues there—but it also sounds like you’ve got some really particular QC people.

Not sure where the title was created, but if you can get it as a vector (svg from Illustrator, for instance) you can have more options for resizing and filtering.

Maybe try it in log?

Thanks all for the replies - I really appreciate it! Interesting about the resize vs Action - the guy who first showed me how to use Flame always advocated using Resize with a Gaussian Filter to make titles look softer/less aliased yet every other artist I ran this question by said they never used that process. So I guess it’s just in your head of how you look at things first before getting a second perspective. But we did come across a solution - we finally got a resize filter that looked good using Mitchell through Nuke out of all things. And then applying a color transform to the fill only from r709 to linear AWG which put it in the same color space as our BG plate. The reason behind all of this in the first place is that Resolve has a known bug apparently which erodes the matte when it does a resize with titles which led to this process - and yes these clients are extremely particular in everything! But thanks again all.

You are right about the perspective thing: thinking the right way is the first thing you were shown, however I don’t know when that was, and with all due respect to who showed you that, the filtering in action has evolved tremendously since the introduction of the resize, so that person may not have been wrong at that time.