Any benefit to using a reseller for subscription?

It’s time for me to renew my subscription and I was wondering what benefits there are to using a reseller vs getting it straight from Autodesk. I’m probably getting a year renewal, which I believe there is still the option of getting it from a reseller.

Hiya Greg, I’m interested in this too. Any of our @FriendsFromCinesys friends, can you help elaborate on reseller subscription benefits? A few of us are interested in learning more. Thanks!

@greg did you ever get anywhere on this one?

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Hi Greg,

Resellers are Value-Added resellers for Autodesk.

They can provide their expertise in the Flame Family product line as well as other Autodesk products.

In most of the cases they are also resellers of side products for Flame, like AVIO cards, workstations, and much more.

They can help you with decisions like the workstation that better fits your Flame projects, selecting the appropriate Flame subscription, installing and configuring your system and much more services.

They also provide you another line of support. Resellers support engineers are able to fix your Flame issues.

So they can provide you full service associated to your Flame system and your facility . They can be your partner in your Flame projects.

There are multiple Autodesk Value-Added Resellers with experience in the Flame Family product line.
You can find them in the following link:

Hope this helps.