Any interest in a Flame User Group in London?

Hello London Logik Friends,

I’d like to see if there is interest in organizing a Flame User Group in London in 2024. Would love to determine interest and see if anyone can connect me with a location where we could hold the meeting. Feel feee to respond here or email me at



Hey Andy, we used to have one years ago, but everyone seems to have drifted away, but I’d certainly be up for one.

if there is a London User Group just before IBC in September, you might get the visit of some of your beloved Autodesk friends!


Think About It GIF by Identity


You can just read the same book and halve your problems at each reading. Your problems though will never be completely solved, Zeno’s paradox…

That would go against a great business model to sell more books :wink:

For certain we should build that up again - it’s harder to see old friends since everyone left soho