iBlur for Flame

Hi friends,

Does anyone know if there is any matchbox that does the same as the iBlur (Nuke) in Flame? When I insert a gradient mask in the matte input of a Blur Node, I feel the blur transition between the black and white looks weird. To fix that I am treating the Matte and the Front separately, but it is a pain in the ass. Maybe there is a blur node where I can plonk a gradient mask and it makes the transition nicely? Something similar to iBlur in Nuke?

See Any user Matchbox developers out there?

If you’re going for depth of field/ defocus and not Gaussian, try y_lensblur. Use the gradient as the depth matte input.


Set up correctly, I believe K_MaskBlur or y_blurs should help. Y_lensblur is one of my favorites, but it’s for optical lens bokeh effects, not for constraining the blur pixels to inside the matte.


It looks like you’re wanting to use the gmask as a strength input…in which case, I think all the blur matchboxes support this.


crok_dof_blur does this too. That’s my fav, not just for graduated matte blur, but also for creating graduated defocus, although you wanna be in ACES for the grad defocus to look right.

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The blur MX’s are very disparate in how they work and need to be set up, especially if used in Action with selectives. There are many that need a refresh for the current tools.