Gmask tracer blur

Hi there.

I might be missing something. Is there a way to add a blur matchbox to a Gmask into either Gmask tracer or Action node?
I usually don’t really use the blur inside these node because I can’t for exemple unlink x from y, and I find it more convenient to do each of my shape in a separate Node, blur them in Batch and combine all my shapes later so they can all have different Blur setting (including motion blur if needs be).

But I would like to be able to do that in Tracer node or event better in action.


The Matchbox shaders are pixel based shaders therefore you apply them to images and not gmasks.

There are blur options in the Gmask controls to blur the mask further.

However if you want to use the Matchbox shaders to blur the output of the Gmask Tracer, you can apply the shader to the camera in the Gmask Tracer node and that will blur the black and white pixel output.

Hope this helps!


Thx Grant. As always, you’ve got the answer. :slight_smile:

I’ll use the blur matchbox linked to the camera. It’s a good solution for me to be able to blur x and y differently.
I was hoping I could apply different blur to different shapes but I’ll keep on doing one Gmask Tracer node per shape. It works fine for me.