Anyone know how to use Filmconvert pro on Flame on M1Mac?

Does anyone know how to use Filmconvert pro on Flame on Mac?

I used to be able to use Filmconvert pro OFX version when I was using an Intel Mac,
but it seems to no longer be supported since M1.
I had no choice but to update to the OFX version of Nitrate for Resolve and it crashes when I start it up in flame.

I am using Flame 2022.3.1, MacStudio M1 ultra and Monterey.

If I can’t use it in M1 anymore, is there any plugin you would recommend as an alternative that I can get the film look?

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hey there! Welcome! I’m not familiar with that tool. What’s your use case? Grading?

dehancer is the best film emulation plug-in. It could work on Flame; even if not, you can always drop a line to developers.

Or you can export basic LUTs from Filmconvert to use in Flame + grain generator of your choice. Filmconvert sucks as a grading tool anyway.

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Hi, its a film emulation tool.
It converts the film look from various types of cameras.
Its easy to use, and would make look good!

I didn’t know dehancer! Thanks for the good info! I will give it a try!
You’re right, Filmconvert can’t do the grading well, but the grain looked good for me.
Anyway appreciate the rare info!

There is also filmbox, but I never tried it. Also tested only in Resolve, but confirmed to work in Fusion Studio, so most likely will work in Flame.

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This is also another information I did not know!
I’ll give it a try this! Appreciate it!

Hi, I would love to know why this plugin would be worth $399 if you have a Flame?

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If your clients often ask you to do a “film like” from digital it`s a good price for a “apply and forget” tool.


I tried the demo version of “Dehancer”,
but Flame2022 on M1Mac did not recognize it.
I haven’t tried “FilmBox” yet, but it also seems to be dedicated to Davinci Resolve.
I am sorry to say that both of these plug-ins look good.
For now, I’m going to use Color Correction, LUTs and filmgrain footage to create a film look.

I don’t know why, but there are not many OFX plug-ins work in Flame,
I wish there were more OFX plug-ins for Flame. I think it is inferior to other applications on that point.