Resolve Dehancer - comparable tools in Flame?

Are there any tools, Matchbox or Sapphire or otherwise, with tons of good film look presets for Flame, like Dehancer? I know there’s some legacy sapphire film look stuff, but it’s pretty limited compared to the number of presets with Dehancer.


Sorry, I meant tools for Flame.

All of Dehancer presets is just 3Dluts that can be reaped off to use in Flame.

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Stupid question, but since these are both OFX plugins – why can’t they be ported over to Flame?

If it’s a pure OFX plugin it may just work in Flame. ResolveFX seem to be super-set of OFX with some BlackMagic custom additions. Like Neat has a Resolve specific version. If they have trial, you could always try and see if works.

Got it. I’m guessing it’s just custom made for Resolve. I own it currently as an OFX within Resolve. Not sure what kind of tricks to try and make it visible to Flame OFX.