Anyone tried the LIDAR scanner on new ipad pro?

I’m hoping to get one of these new iPad Pro’s and was wondering if anyone has had a chance to play with its LIDAR scanner yet?

If you have, is it any good?
Will it be suitable to scan a product to bring into other 3d software to help create models for use inside Action?

So far most demo’s i’ve seen show it scanning rooms and thats not really what i want…i want to know what its like for quick desktop product grabs. I’m probably hoping for too much.


I haven’t used it but I’ve heard on other forums that the accuracy isn’t great. Even if it were, any model exported directly from it would probably be so noisy and heavy that it would need a lot of clean up work in a 3D app before you could use it in a Flame.

Not to say that I’m not excited for stuff like this though, I’m planning on getting the LIDAR iphone 12 so I can see what kind of stuff I can do with it.

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i’m not holding out too much hope…but you never know!

my old needs replacing anyway so might as well get one with the newest toys on it.

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iPhone 12 Pro just announced has Lidar built in.

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I hate phones! But at least it will mean more developers might create software for the scanner.

I am STOKED about phone lidar. Finally time to retire my 6S.

There are some youtube videos about the ipad pro lidar, and I’m guessing the phone will be similar. Not great for modelling, but I plan on doing set scans and stuff like that with it. Could really help with tracking and measurement.


I think scene orientation, basic measurement and data for constraints is the name of the game… and let’s face it, the combination of that spacial data married with even rudimentary photogrammetry will yield results that are way more than sufficient for the kind of basic set reconstruction most comp folk find a need for.

An idiot-proof-lidar-aided-iPhone-photogrammetry drop is coming to an AppStore download near you… and most likely sooner rather than later. Most likely it’ll have Autodesk printed in the can too.


where’s @Ashby when you need him


I’ve heard folks say the iPad Pro LIDAR is good for scanning objects and small stuff, but has enough slop in it that if you try to scan a house that the end won’t line up with where you started.

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sounds encouraging!
better get my old kit traded in soon.

Even in its most rudimentary form, it’s still going to be fun to mess with. The technology will only improve over time… ESP if ADSK creates an app a-la 123d Catch… 12 Pro for me.

Anyone seen the lidar on an iPad pro yet?

Yes…its fun. Not great but ok. Tried various bits of software to scan products but they all lacked enough detail to be usable as 3d models in a packshot. Haven’t really tried any environment scanning as its not something i ever need.
Might give that a try soon.

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For a set survey it would work though? I just found the iPhone 12 to have a limited range on med-high quality.

My photogrammetry is always terrible.

I recently used an app called Heges on an iPhone 12 pro to scan a taxidermied possum. Seemed to work ok. Not sure how well it works on larger scale sets etc.


looks impressive - will give that one a go today!

try polycam , thats what I found works best for set surveys.

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