Phone scan

Fun first test.
Not bad for a phone scan.
Reality Capture iphone beta


Nice! How heavy is the geo?

Looked to be 620k triangles before I cropped it.
Here’s the original link:

By the way, nice Ricky Jay book. I saw a cool exhibit of his dice at the Museum of Jurassic Technology a few years ago.

Is that using the Lidar scanner on the iPhone, or just individual photos?

It’s photogrammetry not LiDAR.
I’ve found phone app LiDAR largely lumpy unlike true LiDAR.
Initial tests suggest this gives better detail than phone app LiDAR.
The app helps make sure you get proper coverage for the solve.

interesting…i’ll have to check it out when it comes out of beta (no more beta slots!).

I’ve tried a few lidar apps on my ipad pro and the results have been not much more than novelty value, so keen to see how useful this might be.

I was just researching this piece of software as well Introducing RealityScan -

you might find it interesting as a scanner

RealityScan was the app tested.

sorry I missed that in the original post