Append Mux to Every Output on a Clip Node

Hi hi!

Another little script to share. @randy had asked about something like this on the discord.

Takes the selected Clip nodes in Batch and appends a Mux to every output on those nodes. Will account for outputs that have or do not have alpha channels. Different spacing depending on whether is the Clip node is collapsed or not as well.

There is a GIF showing what it does on the GitHub repo. It was too big to upload here.

May be downloaded from the GitHub repo and hopefully added to Logik Portal soon.

Hope you enjoy!


“Mux shit up”

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I use to add mux nodes after clip sources and actions outputs. I love it!

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Alrighty… its on the Logik Portal now.

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Excellent. I have grabbed it and love it already.
Works well on those massive .psd files

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YO! THANK YOU! Any idea what this is about though?
Python encountered SyntaxError(“invalid character ‘·’ (U+00B7)”, (‘/opt/Autodesk/shared/python/’, 103, 65, ’ about-to-mux-shit-up/ at master · khanrahan/about-to-mux-shit-up · GitHub', 103, 65)) in unknown code
[PYTHON HOOK] An error occurred. Ignoring python hooks from /opt/Autodesk/shared/python/

Looks like you might have an odd non-ASCII character somewhere.
Specifically that circumflex a (Â).
Hunt for it, remove it, and give it another go.


Ummmm… hmm. Unsure… I searched the entire script for that character, i don’t see it present. Its odd to me that the message mentions my master branch on github. Are you installing by using Flame Fish > Add Actions to Context Menus? The githib browser thing? To be honest… Ive never used that. Will try to replicate tomorrow.

Maybe just delete it and install using Logik Portal? Or if you cant use the Portal, go to the github repo, click the python file, click Raw up on the top right, then File > Save back to /opt/Autodesk/shared

Ah weird. Same. Originally I downloaded straight from GitHub. Just installed it from the Logik Portal and all good.

This is fecking dope. Best name ever. Cover me. I’m gonna go Mux Shit Up.

Thank you!

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Teeny tiny update pushed to Logik Portal & Github repo. You will now see version 1.0.1

The result Mux nodes were ever so slightly not centered compared to the output sockets… they were riding low… and now everything is pixel perfect!

see before & after below…