Apple M1 Max is here. Cmon Flame ! Give it to us :)

Eagerly waiting for Autodesk’s announcement on support for Apple silicon🙏🏼
Yes we all know it’s gonna happen soon. But is it in the next release ??
Fingers crossed for Apr 2022 as many hardware decisions need to be made and buying an Intel doesn’t make sense at this point :crossed_fingers:


Something tells me ADSK has no intention of putting resources on that. I’d love to see it, but I just don’t think it will ever happen.

Here’s the thing: we’ve been poking and prodding about Metal support for a good long time now… Very unclear what, if any resources are being put toward the codebase supporting this. Will Harris has spoken before about ADSK “looking into it”. Doing so would leverage all the GPU advances Apple’s been making and close the gap a bit on GPU disparity between OSX and Linux(nvidia). As we all know from the feuds of yore, Apple will likely never support NVIDIA GPUs. From what I understand, all the additional Neural Engine cores on these M1 chips are for ML, but very Apple-specific, so I’m not even sure if ADSK will be able to leverage them, or if an API even exists to do so… Pseudo-realistically, my hope is ADSK will support Metal first and foremost.

Here’s to hoping.

My i9 MacBook Pro is saddened by the news but rejoices in its continued relevance for at least another small window of time.

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I still have the first retina MacBook Pro (2012?), and it still does ok. Couldn’t get rid of it due to all the lovely ports… And now, they’ve gone and come back again! Might need to consider an upgrade for the mobile machine…


LOL. Mine, too!

Will chatted about it on Logik Live a couple of weeks ago. He said that it was happening.


The new M2 Max Macbook with12 cores, 38 cores GPU and 96GB or memory seems pretty good