M1 Macs

are we expecting flame to be optimized for apple silicon in the near future?

Yes. I had Will on Logik Live last month and he said that it is coming. No specific timeline was given, tho.

I’d be interested to hear the timeframe for the workstation class Apple Silicon machines as well. Seems like you need both bits really…

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I agree 100%. The new MBPs def up the game in terms of being able to get 64GB of RAM in the box, but at the end of the day it’s still a laptop.

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Hi, sorry to wake that thread up but I was looking up the Autodesk website and it seems it does support it now. See this screenshot attached.

You guys confirm it?

Capture d’écran 2022-01-19 à 12.22.32|407x500

Well if the Autodesk site says it supports it then it must be true! However that page doesn’t stipulate the version of Flame.

Hi, sorry to wake that thread up but I was looking up the Autodesk website and it seems it does support it now. See this screenshot attached.

That would be just a little premature. We do not support the Mac computers with Apple Silicon as of this writing.


Fred you made my day using this wording.

As seen in this thread the new 2022.3 Update releases today is supported on Macs with Apple Silicon. Previous versions are not.


Hi Fred,

I think it would be appropriate for ADSK to state whether this is running under emulation or native M1.


Wow I was right there on time, not gonna lie I was refreshing this page daily for a while now!

Hi Fred,

Can you elaborate? Does it run native or emulated?


Just installed on M1, it’s not native.

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Hey Folks, The 2022.3 support of Apple M1 is indeed emulation via Rosetta 2. We have been very pleased with the increased performance, our beta testers have been satisfied with the robustness, so, we are happy to get it in your hands quickly to allow new Mac choices. Hope this helps. Will


Great! Thanks Will and Stephane and Fred for this, it’s definitely nice to see!

I will just say that I’ve beta tested the M1 version on my 32GB M1ProMax 16-inch MacBookPro and I ab-solutely love it. If emulation is this good, then you can keep the real thing that this would be a secondary translation of! Not really, but still…If it runs this well and transparently under emulation one can only dream how good it will be once it is native, and as Silicon continues to move forward (iMac/Pro/MacPro with many more cores, etc.). Maybe it’s that the CPU/GPU/Memory/NeuralEngine/ProResEncDec (not sure Flame uses the last two) live in the same space and don’t have to shout through walls or catch buses to speak to each other, but whatever the reason, it feels nicely fast. Easily easily faster than my old MacBookPro (2017) and the MacPro2013 we have at work. I can sit on the sofa in the same room and go much faster with a Sandisk 4TB plugged into the USB-C, than the Mac Pro connected to Promise Pegasus. Still the fastest Linux will be faster, but it’s the strong proof-of-concept that makes it such a comfortable space to operate in. Already it’s great (I didn’t spot a downside compared to previous experiences of Flame on my Linux own z840+M6000 24GB or MacBookPro or work MacPro).

A while ago I was very pessimistic about the future of AppleMac, and rumours of moving to a glorified iPhone processor, intuitively filled me with despisal (no such word; no problemo) but I do not despise it now that it is in my hand, and under what I’m typing now. Without taking it off-topic from Flame-on-Silicon, the new MacBookPro, is like a tank compared to my old MacBookPro2017 that made me not want to invest in any more Apple. The screen is great for a laptop and the sound, on a laptop, is great. It’s like sitting at a workstation when you plug it into a monitor and it runs Flame like a fish through your fingers.

When I started using Flame on this laptop, I kept remembering trying to use Smoke 2012 on a 2011 MacBookPro with, I think, a 5400rpm hard drive that had a frame store that could only be uncompressed. Now this one runs 5000GB/s and I can play a few nodes back in near to realtime with colour grading on top and then add some nodes and it slows down expectedly and comfortably.

Again it is the direction of travel and it feels to me that upcoming generations of Silicon are only going to get better and better. If I were Autodesk, I would be converting code with confidence (or as much confidence as one can ever have with Apple’s sovereign mentality of moving around as they see fit: USB2 lack is still a pet peeve).



I have a Imac pro that has been a work horse…for the last 2 years…and i just purchased a M1Max with 64gb or ram…and its blazing fast a minimum 2wice the speed, based on gpu benchmarks.

cant wait for a non emulated version of flame.