Apple Studio Display Sound

hi all. im using an Apple Studio Display on one of the machines and want to use the sound coming out of it. can’t seem to be able to. in setup I change to core audio then on flame I only have the option of the Mac Pro speakers not the studio pro speakers - anyway to get this to work?

Do you think its a firmware update kinda thing? Studio Display Speaker Not Working (Here's the Fix) - YouTube

As long as Core Audio is selected in Flame Setup, I believe Flame should output audio to whatever you have selected for system audio output in MacOS System Preferences.

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hi - it occasionally asks me to update the firmware on the screen - so I dont think its that

yes core audio is selected - but I only get the Mac Pro speakers as the option. im running the latest flame and Ventura OS

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im still not getting the studio display coming up as an option.


Hey Jon!
Did you get this working? Having the same problem on an Apple Studio with Studio Display - defaults to internal speaker. :frowning:

I think I got this working with SoundSource from RogueAmoeba to route the CoreAudio audio to the monitor. Not sure how this will affect monitoring on streaming. That’s next on the list.

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