Audio output on Mac

On our Flame-on-set system, I can’t get to hear the audio.
We have a trashcan MacPro with UltraStudio mini monitor for SDI out. The Flame setup config file needs to be set to BMD both for video and audio devices. If I set the audio to Core audio, Flame reports a mismatch and disables the audio.
Even if I pipe the audio output of the Mac on a system level to be output to internal speakers or connected monitor I am unable to hear anything.
If I disable video device and set audio as core audio I can then hear from the internal speaker of MacPro but still can’t hear it on the HDMI monitor.
Flame 2021.2
Any pointers?

Hi Sinan,
i think you might need an output device that can handle audio and video.I don’t think the mini monitor can handle audio. If you have an SDI thru on the mini monitor, you may be able to daisychain a “Mini Converter SDI to Audio” to extract the audio. I haven’t tried it, but its probably the most costy effective option.

I use an Ultrastudio 4k which works perfectly, but also have an old Ultrastudio express and that works just as well. It also comes with various breakout cables with different audio connectors.

We have an Ultrastudio HD Mini - i just checked and it does have audio outputs but only on 1/4" jack sockets. I haven’t tested this model on a Flame but if the other two work i would expect this to work as well.

When I used a trashcan I looped the audio out of the back of the broadcast monitor. I believe I was using a BMD Ultrastudio Express.

Ah the frustrating world of needing both SDI AND Core audio. ARGH!!!

So, you have 2 options.

Option 1. Hardware. Use a De-embedder like a Blackmagic SDI to Audio which feeds a passive monitor controller like Mackie Big Knob to drive monitors on set. But…BOO!! Stuff to carry!

Option 2. Software. To output SDI picture/audio AND play audio out of the Mac’s onboard speakers, you’ll need to use Loopback Rogue Amoeba | Loopback: Cable-Free Audio Routing. It basically is a software router for audio on the Mac and you can setup a kinda node tree for you audio to grab audio multiple sources and feed them to multiple audio monitors/devices.

It does handle audio.

Ooh! @Sinan check out this still frame from my Intro to NDI video. This is Loopback in action. See how in Loopback Flame Application has more than 2 “audio outputs’ coming from it? Those channels aren’t REALLY channels, they are more like “Mux nodes” in that they are ways to group audio and then feed multiple audio devices.

In your configuration, the ‘Blackhole’ audio monitor will likely be replaced with your Blackmagic device.

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Thank you @randy. I hadn’t watched your NDI tutorial as I am still on 2021. Watched it just now, and it’s impressive what we can do with NDI tolls. It will be the first thing to check out once we upgrade.

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