Applying lmt into a aces project

Hey guys I have a quick question. I am working on an aces project in flame 2021-2 where I will be receiving exr’s in aces CG which I want to view but with a lmt applied. I assume if I tag the source clips as aces CG the will be displayed correct,y with the aces 1.0 sdr video viewing lut. But how do I apply the lmt to the individual clips. I believe the lmt is expecting aces cct colour space. Thanks in advance

Sounds like you just need to convert your plate from acesCG to acesCCT, apply the LMT, and then convert back to acesCG before viewing.

I wanted to do it the timeline. I managed to build ctf that did all the conversions then I have switchable lmt options so seems to work.



I had not heard the term LMT before.

You should be able to do it on the timeline the same way you would in batch. Glad you got it working!