Flame Archive Failing

Hi there,
wondering if anyone has come across this when archiving a project.
I am running 2021.2.2 Update. I archive with a segment size of 250GB.
The problem occurs when the first segment is full. I get a message saying
'Writing auxiliary file segment then I get kicked out of the archive. When I update
the archive, it doesn’t recognize the segment that was done and I need to start over.

Has anyone seen this before?



I’ve not had this before so I don’t have any solid solutions.

Make sure that you have permission to write to the location of your archive. Test a much smaller archive and see if that works.

Hmm. Id write much smaller segments. I like 10Gig segments for no other reason than the math is easier.

Also, whenever this stuff happens I’d write a test archive to wherever your framestore is. Likely it will work, which means something within your shared storage or wherever your archiving to is likely the problem.

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There was a thread on this last summer. I never heard the solve. . . . .

I had been archiving to the same location with all the same paramaters earlier in the week without any issues. I will try using smaller sizes. I did manage to get it to work but I had to create 1 massive file for it work.

I’ll test smaller files.


I just ran a test archive of 247 GB. I capped the segments at 10GB.
I did 12 segments. At the start of the 13th segment, the message

’ Writing auxiliary data segment (206 bytes) ’

appeared and the archive stopped.


Drive full?

Unfortunately, no.
That would be the easy answer

Lets go with the theory that one of your clips is causing corruption :thinking:

Save off small segments chunks of the project. Close the archive after each segment chunk and then open and carry on. You might be able to isolate which bit is causing the archive to fail.

Do you have verify switched on?

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I don’t have verify switched on.
I don’t think it is a corruption anywhere because the archive will work
if I make the segment size bigger than the size of the archive.

I think it has something to do with the shared storage location and was hoping someone had come across this same issue. I know that storage is over 90% full and thought maybe that was causing the problem but then it had no issues doing the archive in one segment


So if the total archive ended up being 220GB then an archive with segments of 250GB works :thinking:

Never had this before. Sorry I am clutching at straws here. I am trying to think what might be going wrong. Even when a segment doesn’t get filled up, it still needs to close it off/save it off.

The way I believe an archive works, having watched the shell a number of times, it spends time making the zip and then saves it off.

Why would this archive struggle to completely close off a segment and start making a new one?

Like I said, I haven’t seen this problem but I have had a corrupt sequence (checkered frame) stop an archive from working before. I have also had Mac screw up my permissions on a drive/server and stop my archive from working. Not much help then. Sorry.

No worries. Bit of a head scratcher.

We seem to be getting a similar problem here at the moment. Any ideas?