Aspect Ratio of Artwork

Probably a very basic question, but what’s the best way in Flame to determine the size / aspect ratio of a poster that was shot in camera at an angle, so a new artwork can be made in Photoshop to the correct dimensions?

I’m thinking it would be using perspective grid and looking at the grid width x height, would this be correct or is there another way?

That seems like a good way. I would create a bilinear, place my offsets on the corners, then line it up to a grid so that the verticals and horizontals are vertical and horizontal, and adjust the x and y scale so that it visually appeared correct, then measure the width and height of the result. But that’s what I’m comfortable with. If you’re comfortable with the perspective grid, go for it.

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thanks for that! will give it a go

If the shot is moving and you need to replace the poster later, I would try to incorporate this into a stabilize/unstabilize set-up so that you are not doing work twice. I frequently do this with phones, monitors, signs, etc. although I use a prebuilt set-up that relies on a perspective image ( I find the inverting to be more straightforward, but I made it so long ago I don’t remember why) rather than a bilinear and I create the replacement myself in flame.