Jpeg sequence aspect issue

Hello folks
does anyone of you know why flame imports a jpeg sequence with the wrong aspect? i have noticed this several times now
here is my situation, with the exr everything is fine the jpeg looks right everywhere but not in flame

Yeh, jpgs dont carry anamorphic/pixel ratio metadata so you will need to attach a resize with the correct pixel aspect ratio and set the viewer settings to display correctly

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It could be that aspect ratio is not a metadata item for JPEG, or it could be that JPEGs exported from flame do not get any aspect ratio tagging.

You can spend a bit of time here to read all about it.

There are at least 3 ways that aspect ratio is a component of an image:

  • Storage Aspect Ratio
  • Display Aspect Ratio
  • Pixel Aspect Ratio

Combinations of these values with width and height will provide the display characteristics that you want.

In flame you will need to modify the Aspect Ratio Field to properly implement your desired format.

I sometimes do the following:

Add a resize node in batch.
T-Click the anamorphic source.
Feed the incorrectly formatted clip into the resize node.

It is also possible to select the incorrectly formatted source and T-Click the anamorphic clip, but that buries a resize in the clip node - I prefer to be aware of transformations, not hunt for them.


I think maybe if you import at 10 or 12 bit it fixes this. It’s a vague thought from way-back, so I might be confusing it with something else.


as soon as I set the pixel aspect by a factor of 2 in the import settings and do not leave it at from source, it is correct. I just find it a pity that it is not recognized automatically.
I don’t have this problem in nuke where it is imported correctly.
Screenshot 2024-07-03 at 09.36.52

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Could you open a support ticket and provide a test file so we can have a look?

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