Asset Library

In every company I worked asset-library management was always lets say difficult

i am running into the same issue with 3D department spamming all their nice downloaded stuff (which is massive amounts of data) onto the library, with us now switched to lucidlink this of course becomes more of a burden than ever before

what are alternative ways/concepts of managing libraries like that?

Something more higher level organisational wise than finden a DAM to tag/organize.

I think the core issue in in data-hoarding and how this stuff is treated, do we need 2TB of HDRis? probably not…

I am sort of imagining having a selfhosted DAM thats on a websire with access to slower/cheaper storage where you have to download assets you want to use in a given project manually to the project folder, sort of like checking out a book from a library type thing .

Licensing of library assets is another thing one has to worry about, we have a common font library with all fonts ever, but its not like I am allowed to use the (inser client here) font on a project for (insert other client here) project… ugh

Expensive option, but a SDS solution with an LTO library?!!

sodium dodecyl sulfate in distilled, deionized water . SDS is a detergent that is known to denature proteins. It is used in polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis for the determination of protein molecular weight.


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