DAM for client droppings

Looking for a ideally selfhosted DAM (asset manager) for all those random client links and graphics and fonts and whatever.

I currently have a ingest folder where I just drop everything in there and then ideally - sort through it and move it into folders that make more sense, but its tedious and on some projects ill get 10+ random download links every day… its insane.



you all know this stuff, i am looking to step up my game here - is there any cool software that does this stuff for me? something that ideally automatically tags the content so I can search for its contents etc with something that leaves a papertrail of when it was ingested and from where? Added bonus is a built in download manager…

Ive seen custom stuff at studios I worked at some worked great some where pain.

Maybe not a DAM… but I have used Hazel in the past to sort through stuff and organize it. Kind of like Automator, but with already built in stuff.

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that does look rather useful for sorting the client assets, prettty cool!

I feel it has the potential for further integration with external APIs (SG, Ftrack, etc) as you can run scripts (python, sh, apple) as tasks. Science Project tho.

Don’t know of a tool that automates this well. Some of it is also very personal preference.

I would think of an inbox they upload to, so you don’t deal with links, but just files. I sometimes use MASV as an inbox. I’ve also setup an AWS S3 inbox though that doesn’t have any user friendly front-end.

Then I would treat this inbox folder as a watch folder and just write some python code that looks at the files and triages them into your favorite folder hierarchy. Maybe recognize if the same file already exists in a folder with a different version. Or append your own version numbers.

The Windows bulk rename tool has a nice comprehensive set of features. Obviously this tool isn’t going to help you, but you could use it for inspiration of the features your python code could have.

You could even combine it with ffmpeg and already do some transcoding as needed.

The other tool that comes to mind, is Mistika Workflows from SGO. That is exactly that type of idea. It’s a node graph based workflow tool that support watch folders and encoding/transcoding. But I’m not sure it would do everything you need, and it has a bit of a buggy history.

Again maybe best used for inspiration rather than as solution. Though you could give it a try.


Yea its a bit of a weird usecase, I tried to get clients to use a unified inbox with no success. Took me 2 years to get people to write comments into frameIO

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this sounds horrible. most of my clients are potty trained


i feel like the higher end client/agency the more weird tools they use to send me files :frowning: