Atmos Delivery?

Can anyone who has delivered Atmos before give the 30 second version of how you did it? I have a 7.1 file labeled Atmos, a file with a stereo pair, and a 50 track file also labeled Atmos that I think is not for me.

Is this just like surround where we have the 5.1 mix and then a stereo pair and I’m just dropping them on in the right order? The thing that concerns me most is this line from the delivery specs:

  • 7.1.4 (12 channels) and 9.1.6 (16 channels) are supported

So I feel like i either have too few or too many channels, any thoughts?

Dolby Atmos is a different beast. You can’t really think of it as individual channels. It is a combination of audio channels and objects with 3D metadata. So it needs to be exported out as a specific file type called IAB. It is kind of like an interleaved sound file but it also has the positional object metadata. The idea is that Dolby Atmos will tailor the sound to the individual setup. You can derive a 2.0, 5.1 or other mixes from an IAB file as well. The software needs to support it though. Dolby Atmos is supported in DaVinci Resolve (not on the Linux version though).

Not sure if I am explaining this very well here, but 7.1.4 doesn’t mean 12 channels…

Anyway, you normally have to deliver the file as a separate IAB wav file, or as part of an IAB IMF, or you can wrap the wav within a wrapper with your vision (you could have a ProRes with IAB audio in a mov wrapper as an example).

However, I do not believe you will be able to do this in flame. I do not think it is Atmos capable (someone correct me if I am wrong).

30 second version
Enable Dolby Atmos in Resolve
Import Atmos IAB file
Add 7.1.4 track (or whatever is required for delivery)
Add the IAB import to that track
Check the file for sync (I was monitoring in 2.0)
On the deliver page, choose the IAB audio track which should show you it is a 7.1.4 IAB mix
Output it

Yeah, this all makes sense and is more in line with what I had been figuring.

I think they’ve decided they’re fine just getting the 7.1 “re-render” which appears to be the Dolby term for a mix down, not just indicating that they screwed up the first render and needed to redo it, which is how it sounded to me.