Audio file compatibility

WEIRD!!! Trying to use audio files that were created in LogicProX. 24-bit, 48k - tried WAV and AIFF.

Flame sees the file, imports it, shows the waveforms, moves the meters - but doesn’t make any sound through the audio outputs. What the hell? Flame 2021 (Linux) and 2022 (Mac). Same file is totally fine in Resolve, Premiere, QT Player, etc… If I run it through Compressor and create a new WAV, it’s fine.

Any idea what the hell is going on? Try it yourself?

Hey @davejahns
I can see the file, import the file and hear the file on Mac Flame 2020.3.1

It is worth noting that it is a single channel of audio. Mono not stereo for me.
Not sure how your system is setup but maybe it is coming through on a channel not wired up?

Try adding it to a stereo bed and duplicating it to both channels.

interesting - but for me it doesn’t make any sound even playing from the mediahub - no channel assignments at all there.

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If your flame software VU meters are working then you have an audio config issue, me thinks. Right?

yeah - must be. Just tried another MONO file, and suddenly I can’t hear anything that’s not stereo - even though it’s Ch 1 - weird!!

FYI - all that drama last week about the audio not working - all user error on my part!!! I couldn’t hear mono audio from Flame - somehow my Mac SYS PREFs audio was panned all the way right, so any mono source was playing in left channel, which was simply muted on my Mac. Doh!!! I will wear the dunce hat for one week. Carry on!


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Now the magic question is figuring out the gnome that went into your System Prefs to hard pan your audio to one side… Glad you got it sorted!

Right - was so confused, because other apps default to center for mono files, so I was still hearing the audio in Finder, Resolve, Premiere, etc… I will blame LOOPBACK, which I recently installed in order to share application audio over Zoom.


I love Loopback.

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Me, too - when it’s not secretly panning my system audio!

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Loopback is a 100% must-have… But yeah, didn’t know it came with secret squirrels…

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I wonder if there is a hotkey for this. YEARS ago, I was assisting a flame artist who’s laptop was soooo contrasty that he couldnt barely see any media files. Turns out there was an Accessibility option for the vision impaired. Perhaps its an accessibility feature for the hearing impaired?