Dolby Atmos support

Just wondering if anyone else has a need for Dolby Atmos, namely IAB audio file support on Flame?

I’d make a feature request but it would seem a bit pointless if only a handful of Flame Artists have a need for it.


Almost everything I deliver has at least a 5.1 mix as I work of features and episodic series. Some streamers such as Netflix actually require Atmos as both the primary and only sound mix. Both the 2.0 & 5.1 mixes are derived from the IAB Atmos mix, they don’t get supplied as part of the delivery. Which means I can’t truly finish in Flame as I would need to jump into another application to do a restripe of the audio before mastering. The fact I can’t deliver IMF out of Flame is also limiting. Resolve can do both of these things.

I have that need.

We have some clients thats request this, to at least playback atmos during approval which as we discussed prior is always a downmix that I make with fairlight/resolve.

Finishing this in flame and loading atmos master files would be great…

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Considering we don’t have audio metadata tagging yet then I am not holding high hopes.

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Resurrecting to say I need this too

Does Resolve have it?

It sure does!

Make sure to add information to this request so we can track the demand:

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