Auto Connect Nodes in Batch schematic

Here is a question I have never asked, think I know the answer to but am hopefully mistaken. I did a quick search of the forum and couldn’t find anything.

I know that if I want to add a node automatically connecting it after the selected node in the Batch schematic, you shift+alt then double click the node in the bin. My question is, is there a way to make this shift+alt functionality to happen automatically? I had a quick look in Batch Prefs as well as Preferences>Batch/BFX and can’t see anything. The behaviour works this way when space+tab and typing, but I find the older way faster.

Small cheese but I’d love to have this as a user preference in adding nodes behaviour.

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I only recently discovered that space + tab added the node plus alpha.

I was very pleasantly surprised


I just tried that on a few nodes and it didn’t work for me. Does this only work with certain nodes?

I personally find the space+tab workflow a lot slower than pressing the first letter of the node I want.


Blur …

I have a set of favorites that I have starred so I can call on them without needing to type anything.

What does annoy me in 2023 is that if you have a compass it insists on putting the node above the compass :angry:

Blur is not working for me using shift+tab. It connects the front but not the matte.

Maybe my memory is hazy. Let me test.

Perhaps it works when you insert it into an existing stream :thinking:

Sorry. It only does this if there is an existing connection and you are adding blur in between

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Thanks for checking. Yes, that definitely works at my end. I’ll definitely give the space+tab a bit of a go adding a few fave nodes in there to see if I can work faster that way.

I’ve been meaning to try the python script that allows you to allow adding a specific node to a hotkey. On my list of things to try!!