New FLAME CAPSULE - Keeping your Batch Schematic Tidy with Elbows - Flame 2021.2

Hey All,

Today’s 30 second Flame Capsule shows a great tip to keeping your Batch Schematics nice and tidy!

Just by holding A and clicking on any connection, will add an elbow node that can be positioned anywhere. You can also drag multiple connections off the elbow node.

New to Flame 2021.2 is the ability to add elbow nodes between the connections of an Action its source nodes. The same goes for Image, Gmask Tracer and Paint nodes.

Holding D and clicking on the elbow nodes will delete them.

Let’s keep it tidy!


I think this was available already in older versions. What would be nice would be the ability to collapse/expand those elbow nodes so that they’re not super clunky. That way you can connect them when you need to and shrink them to a simple dot, to keep the schematic tidier.

Hey Tallen,

Good to hear from you.

The point of the Flame Capsules is to give a small bite size piece of information to help make your finishing lives a little easier.

That being said, its not just about new features but also older ones which we some times forget and need reminders every so often.

With regards to the elbow nodes, they are not new to 2021.2 in general. However what is actually new is the ability to insert the elbow node between an Action node and its source media node. This is the same for paint, Gmask Tracer and Image. You could not do this before hand.

The old version of the elbow points before the elbow node was a simple dot but it had very little functionality in comparison to what you have today. My advice to you is to place a feature request into Flame Feedback to have a collapsing option for the node like Action etc.


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Hey Grant!

its awesome to hear back from you! Its been a heck of a long time. Hope all is going well.
Will definitely do that and put in a feature request.

The one thing that kept irking me is that when I tried cleaning up some of my batch schematics by snapping the nodes to the grid, the batch grid would change size or location after a while.

I couldn’t figure out if it was something that I was doing at the time that kept shifting the grid around (some key combo). I definitely didn’t change the grid sizing though. Would you be able shed some light on this?


Hi Tallen,

I haven’t seen that behaviour in Batch. I know that you can turn on the grid with CONTROL+ALT+S but you can only change the settings of the grid when in the Grid menu.

If you can get some rep-steps then let me know and we can get it looked at.


Hi! I recently upgraded to 2021.1 (MAC) and I can’t get snap to grid to work. (CMD + CTRL + S) usually does it. I also can’t find it in the batch prefs menus. Help? Thanks! :slight_smile:

It made sense half an hour ago.

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I cant remember the hotkey off the top of my head.

However if you go to the grids menu (right of the UI), you can turn on the grids and enable snapping to grid.

Just make sure that you have the Batch schematic view selected first when switching to the grids menu.

Hope this helps!

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That’s what I was looking for! Thanks Grant :slight_smile:

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