Autodesk defocus - Power input!

I love the flame / autodesk defocus with the preset “circle ring”. I really really wish there was a Power input so the amount could be driven by Gmasks or Alpha , like the Matchbox Y_LensBlur can.

I find Y_LensBlur bends lines when they are bright too much and i keep having to fix the bends when client doesnt like it.

Unless I am missing something?


The DoF node will change the scale of the kernel and uses all the same kernel presets and values.

It’s slow and uses depth slices, but it may be what you are looking for.

As to power inputs in general: hell yes. I want them everywhere.


I’d forgotten about that DoF node.
Just tried it , i like that you can adjust the blooming which is essentially whats giving me the problem but jesus christ that must be the SLOWEST node in the toolkit , for a long shot that is not really useable


I have added a Feature Request!!!
Please reply and add support / weight to it so maybe it could be implemented!!!

its Request Fl-03052


Hi Mark,
Just FYI there is a power input on the adsk matchbox blur node, but it’s gaussian only, no dof effects.
Works in 32bit so useful for blurring ST maps etc.


good intel cheers Rich!

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cmon people , add some replies / votes to this we all want it!

Hi Mark

I find crok_dof_blur in ACESCG a great way of creating graduated defocus.

Here’s my default setup, see if it does what you need:

(It’s expecting a REC709 source, and it’s a Flame 2024 setup)

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The issue with power inputs on convolve-based blurs is that nobody has cracked how to do a non-slicing version. I don’t quite know why, but I have to assume there is a reason. Maybe someone who has coded a convolve filter will chime in. Flame even ships with one now.

Miles’ Y-lens-blur matchbox avoids this by not using a kernel, but a sort of pixel-jitter. The downside is there is less customization, although it’s been a lifesaver to me on many, many occasions.


Here here. Y lens blur is also great for creative/look dev stuff.


Do add your voice to the Feature Request , link above if you want this to be looked into

ah im on flame 2023

Slow? Frischluft: “Hold my beer…”