Autodesk Vision Series 2020 - Mark Renton with Autodesk's Will Harris

I’ll be chatting to Will Harris, today, 9th Sept. at 2:00pm on the Siggraph Vision Series. Laptops, Remote and the casual banter…

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That was great! Laptops, who would have thunk it.

Question if you please. What kind of storage/external storage are you using for Linux laptop?

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Oh balls I was working. Is this recorded anywhere online?

They are available for replay at 11am EST. I only caught the final minute of Will’s presentation, but TRUST ME…YOU WANT TO SEE IT!!! :slight_smile:

Great stuff, Mark!

Thanks for the feedback. Always a blast to do. I really enjoy doing these for Will. I also enjoy doing these for promotional as well as educational purposes.


Andy, would you say it’s a SLAM dunk of a video?

Hey-o!! I’m thinking #slam ya some future schwag potential!

Is there a recording of this somewhere


Register and then you can view previous videos.

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The 2020 visions séries videos are they online?? Im registered and can’t seem to locate the presentations

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Hi Daniel, check out the registration email you should have received. It links to the sign-in page from that email. Check out my screen capture of how I did it.

Yep I can’t see the video you are trying to upload

Try again. It looks like I finally fixed it.

Also, FYI, if you missed these videos, visit this link. You can still register after the fact and get access to these videos. They are very much worth the registration.

But it’s not there the 9 Septemner webinar…I can only see a webinar talking about Dolby from August

And still cannot see your video

Hmm…perhaps clear your browser cache? And I just tested by going to this site, registering, and can definitely see it.

Ah. Definitely do this on a desktop. Mobile is for viewing not building your calendar.

Thanks Randy