Automatic gmask generation

Hello, I have been searching the whole day, but no luck, I am sure I saw somewhere a feature inside flame where you can generate a gmask based upon a (selection) probably using AI. Something like the Tracer feature inside Adobe Illustrator. I remember the demo included a butterfly. Does it ring a bell?
I am working on enhancing a hand drawn simple animation to make it look more sharp and less jaggy. Let me know your thoughts

Hi Chadi. The only thing I can think of is loading an SVG? No?

Actually the gmask is generated natively based upon a black and white frame …

Ah right… Mocha can follow edges, but I’m not sure Flame does that🤔

Hi Chadi,

Flame does not have that functionality.

Please file a request via Flame Feedback.




I remember seeing that demo too and was looking everywhere for it in Flame.

It was a tech demo from Autodesk visions series 2020
7:30 into this video

Hopefully we will see it in a future version.


Wow good you have found it, means my neurons still working :slight_smile:

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