Flame Feedback requests implemented in Flame 2022

Hello Everyone,

Here’s the list of requests submitted at flamefeedback.autodesk.com that have been implemented in the Flame 2022 release. Thanks to all of you who are using this platform.

FI-00336 : GMask Tracer / Action GMask: Live update of the spline as you draw the shape.

FI-00417 : GMask Tracer: Add a Spline Animation keyframing setting like in the GMask node.

FI-00418 : GMask Tracer: Gradient functionality should be identical to the one in the GMask node.

FI-00489 : Action Projector: Ability to lock a certain frame.

FI-00597 : Batch Schematic: Display Matchbox shader name in the Matchbox node.

FI-00783 : Colour Management - Proper Support for nclc CLR Atom in Quicktime.

FI-01016 : Action: Improved 3D tracking.

FI-01045 : GMask Tracer: Manipulate general Offset with a single control.

FI-01187 : GMask Tracer: Must be able to control the offset (softness) with a keyboard shortcut.

FI-01346 : Action: Projector’s Position and FOV to match camera by Default.

FI-01407 : Python Console: Have standard indenting workflow.

FI-01456 : GMask: Edit box rotation handle shouldn’t jump when clicked.

FI-01485 : 3D Tracker: Define Plane improvement.

FI-01506 : MasterGrade: Add an indicator when an item is modified in a submenu.

FI-01545 : DKU: Do not reset the monitor to HD in xorg.conf when a new DKU is installed.

FI-01548 : Image: Select which Matchbox is connected to a Selective or created with an Image by default.

FI-01571 : Action Selective: Add GMask to Selective without clicking HUD.

FI-01652 : Codecs: Blackmagic RAW support.

FI-01746 : Image: Ability to adjust colour with the Tangent panel while a GMask is selected.

FI-01811 : Timeline FX: Have the Use Matte button available from the Effects tab.

FI-01841 : GMask Tracer: Ability to change the spline colour of a locked GMask.

FI-01854 : Canon MFX: Include YUV Headroom should be on by default.

FI-01864 : Effects: Make the Use Back button available inside the Effects Tab.

FI-02081 : Python API: Action python commands available in GMask Tracer.

FI-02084 : Batch: The copy of clip in the schematic should stay in the same Schematic Reel as the source clip.

FI-02113 : Image: Ability to apply a Color Transform / LUT to a Selective.

FI-02190 : Selective: Adjust GMasks in the Selective Input View.

FI-02275 : Python 3 support.

FI-02291 : BackBurner Server init.d scripts.

FI-02317 : GMask Tracer: Ability to move an existing vertex in Add Points mode.

FI-02330 : Python API: Duplicate nodes in Action using flame.duplicate().

FI-02331 : Image: Have Selective 1 selected by default instead of Primary.

FI-02349 : Media Export: Ability to export RGBA Timeline FX as RGBA / Multi-Channel media files.

FI-02353 : Selective: Do not reset the Selective view cycling each time is it selected.

FI-02356 : Image: Better position the Camera node in the Schematic so it doesn’t impact framing.

FI-02365 : MasterGrade: Have a larger Curves display.

FI-02371 : Python API: Bypass the Add/Replace/Rename dialog on Copy or Move operations.

FI-02404 : systemd startup scripts for Stone&Wire.

FI-02408 : Image: Ability to rename a Selective from the tabs in the Object submenu.

FI-02439 : Shortcut conflict between Create Light vs Media List.

FI-02445 : Action/GMask: Add Show All Vertices to the global GMask preferences.

FI-02454 : Burn available for Single-User licensing.

FI-02463 : Compare: Ability to toggle the Split Bar On/Off.

FI-02479 : Image: MasterGrade nodes IDs does not match Selective ID in default setup.

FI-02497 : Batch: Have unlimited number of channels in the Render Node.

FI-02512 : Python API: Get the Reel type.

FI-02530 : Backburner Monitor: Improve use of screen space.

FI-02535 : Archive: Ability to archive only used versions using the command line.

In addition the following request was closed since CentOS Flame users are no longer created

FI-02281 : CentOS: Option to name the new linux user on install.


My favorite part of every release! Thanks @fredwarren and the rest of the Dev Team! If you would like a feature implemented or changed, be sure to log it with Flame Feedback at https://feedback.autodesk.com/welcome/. Then post the feature code and we’ll upvote it!