Basic audio analyze/QC tools

I am looking for a simple way to analyze audio tracks, i would imagine something where I throw in a stereo pcm wav file and it gives me things like

  • LUFS / peak/low/ whatever
    -DBFS peak/low/whatever
  • is it in R128 SPEC?
  • Stereobase
  • whatever else

Just want to be able to do basic audio analysis in a quick way, does something like this exists without going and buying logic/protools whatever? I find the audio monitoring in resolve is more for mixing and not for QC .

Try shutter encoder… great tool.
You can drag and drop an audio file… then right click and select loudness and true peak from the “choose function” tab.
Then click on start function it gives you the info you’re looking for.
For other info there is also a files information that gives you info on duration, numb channel, format etc. (right click on the file you’ve drugged into shutter encoder.


@finnjaeger i’m sorry finn, i forgot we had a chat a while back on nclc tagging and shutter encoder. You should be very familiar with the software.

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Wow thank you i did not know that shutter could do this actually , I use SE every single day and i totally missed that part , so thanks a lot:

I also found this which looks very very nice! Youlean Loudness Meter - Free VST, AU and AAX plugin

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Is it possible to modify the loudness on Autodesk Flame? many projects ask for this but I’m really not sure if that’s even possible on flame

To quote @justinbromley “Flame doesn’t do audio” :smile:

You can adjust the gain, pan and eq. There is an audio desk under player options. I’ve edited and remixed tracks from splits with enough quality to go to air. It’s actually rather simple to use. If, however, you are asking if you can bring a web track into broadcast compliance, no, not so much.

I believe there are some on this forum who might disagree with that. It was certainly true in past years, but since 2014, it’s worked pretty well.

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Try the compressor (comp). As others have mentioned, it’s simple but works well. It also has a volume control.