Batch render 16bit fp issue

Hey Flamerz,

Running 2024.2.1 on Mac Studio 2023

Source clip EXR 16bit fp run through a batch, output as same 16bit fp.
When reviewing the clip on the desktop shows broken frames (Pending Render). 12bit works fine.

For testing im not even running it through any nodes, clip to output node.
Source media is fine.

Anyone come across this?

Hello Marcus!

I have seen a version of this with a Quantum StorNext SAN, so if that’s where your framestore is, then that may be your problem (though that was also somehow related to an Nvidia driver, so probably not your exact issue).

Regardless, I would recommend playing around with the intermediate media formats in your project setup settings, Raw/DPX/EXR/ProRes (I am not at my machine, so I can’t tell you what we landed on), and see if any alternate combination solves your problem.

I seem to remember an issue like this and if the project proxy settings were set to RAW it would only do 12bit or it might be that it needed to be RAW. One or the other.

Just make sure there is an available 16bit float option for your proxies.