Batch segment numbers messed up?

Converted one timeline segment into ‘bfx with flow graph’ as I need to do some retouch and comp.

Running into an issue that the segment frame numbers seemed messed up, and if I try to render the denoise with a batch render node, Flame crashes immediately.

Note that the end frame number is the length of the segment, not the end frame number:

Seems wrong, or maybe I’m missing something. But the crash could be related to that.

Ran into an unrelated issue the other day, where I had two tracks in the timeline stacked, each with a bfx node that did different things. Works great in the timeline, but during render there seems to be some timing problem on the last frame as it switches, and the last frame was always messed up in render. Eventually had to combined those BFX into one to get past it.

Update: that whole clip was unstable and crashed in different ways (e.g. tracker would run over end of segment). Had to abandon, and now doing BFX as adjustment layer. Didn’t have problems with basic BFX in another job, but this was first time I used with ‘flow graph’.

PS: This is Flame 2024

For the display, you can toggle between “End Frame” and “Duration” in the “Options” popup on the right of the Timeline.
For the crash, you are maybe encountering “FLME-63339 : The To value in the Range section of a Write File or Render node is inaccurate inside a Batch FX.” that was fixed in 2024.0.1
If this is the issue the workaround is to “Switch the Range format from Setup to Custom and manually enter the correct values”.

Thanks @PhilippeJ. Good to know, most likely related. Will test more after this job is finished.

I did have render notes in the other BFX (w/o flow graph) that worked. Presumably some contextual detail that triggers the problem.