Batch Source TL FX Rendering

“First time poster, long time listener”

I do BFX from the timeline on long form projects. After restoring a project and relinking, is there a way to render timeline effects that are on the sources inside batch? I have Neat Video on a bunch of plates, 100 BFX in the timeline. I’m running 2023.1.1 on a new Mac Pro. The system crashes out if I try to re-render the BFX before rendering the source timelines.

Current workaround: pull the sources out of the iteration snapshot, render in a reel, then manually replace each source by alt-dragging from reel onto the batch source in schematic.

Is there a better approach to accomplish this next go-around?


Can’t you just expand your batch iteration in your media panel.
then in media panel select the clips that has timeline effects on them, right click and choose render?

The iteration in media panel can’t be rendered or edited without first copying out to a reel or library. I think it’s more of a static snapshot?

It would be awesome if you could edit these and they would dynamically update in the BFX.

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If I have Neat in a Batch or BFX, I BFX just the Neat node and its input, then Render that to make pixels. If you are flushing renders when you archive, you might have to open them as sequences and then hard commit. Life’s too short to keep Neat live in your trees.

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Totally agree with you! The timeline render on the clip accomplishes the same thing as putting it in its own batch. A nested effect and render. The problem I am running into is that I can’t select all of the sources and re-render them.

Maybe there’s a way to use cache to accomplish this?