Re-connecting segments through batch

I’m having a bit of a moment. I’m using the connected conform workflow with source and shots sequences. In my shots sequence I’ve created a few batch groups from some shots (that sit on another version layer). I received new grade and re-connected it to my sources sequence but it didn’t seem to populate through my batches. I think I am just missing a step and I can’t figure out what it is.

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As far as I know the shots in shot sequence or source sequence are not linked to the batchgroups.
So after you receive the grade you still have to replace the media manually in the batch groups. I think the best way is to also safe the sources (when relinking to the graded version) so you have the sources seperate. Now you can go to your batch setups and drag the new source on top of the old (ungraded) source. Or open the clip in batch as a sequence and replace media with newest source. There are multiple ways, but sadly not an automatic way.

There is another way by using BFX in the timeline. If you create a source sequence from those timlines with BFX it will create a source sequence including the clips in the BFX and will create a link. Now if you unlink the source sequence and relink to graded version it will ripple through the BFX clips…but nope, not in Batch. Good luck!


Another way which may be even simpler, but not applicable in every situation, is to do the batch as a gap BFX.

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