Beginner to Flame - Bare minimum Mac laptop requirements?

Hey everyone!

I have been introduced to Flame through a colleague of mine and I have been using many tools in the past for editing and video manipulation(Vegas, Final Cut Pro, Premier, etc), and I love the depth and ability of what it seems to do. She works with Flame professionally and we’ve been going over videos in the Flame Learning Channel, setting up biweekly meetups to get familiar with the ins-and-outs of what the program can/can’t do, along with learning the terminology and just really get to know the scope of the program.

We’re getting to a point where being hands on is becoming more crucial, and while I have a decent tower that can do what I need it to, it runs on Windows and not Linux, and I was hoping to get some insights as to what is a bare minimum Mac laptop just so I can get some hands on experience with the tool. Since my friend and I live in separate states, I cannot use hers(also a lot of proprietary stuff I wouldn’t be allowed to see, NDAs and the like), so I am just looking for a laptop that can load Flame and use it without crashing the thing.

Any and all insight would be greatly appreciated, I really am excited to be learning this program and getting more acquainted with the community, as well. Thanks so much for reading!

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Welcome! Flame will install on pretty much any Mac these days. The beefier the GPU and the more recent the chip M1/M2/M3 the better. Id also suggest 1TB internal, preferably 4TB internal storage to begin with would be nice.

Any of the MacBook Pros on Apple Silicon are great. The Mac Studios are great machines too. Flame will run on a MacBook Air or a Mac mini, but due to smaller RAM and GPU you won’t really have a nice time.

Apple Cards provide 0% 12 month financing, B&H Photo’s credit card offers free sales tax, and Apple Refurbished are all great ways to spend less/pay over time.

Also, I put together a nice little Flame 101 series over on Logik Academy Pro that covers a buncha this stuff.

Ask lotsa questions, join us over on the Logik Discord for real time screen sharing and help when you get stuck, and don’t be a stranger.


Also if you don’t want to spend too much cash, I’ve just retired my 2015 macbook pro which ran Flame fine, albeit slowly, but might be an idea as a used one for a beginner, or you could always try turning your windows box into a hackintosh.

Hey Paul!

A 2015 laptop still ran Flame, I guess that makes sense considering how long it’s been around! That’s really good insight, thank you! If it’s a laptop you retired, I’d be happy to take it off your hands if that’s an option, of course happy to provide a compensation you think is fair. :slight_smile:

This is awesome, thank you so much!

I guess my biggest concern might be ram- I’ve noticed that a lot of Macbooks and things get stuck at 8gb of ram, and above that the price just sky rockets. Would 8gb of ram be enough to run things at all okay?