Mac Mini M2 24GB - good enough to run flame on?

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These little boxes seem to be getting rave reviews and I’m considering nabbing one with view to potentially run flame for shot based work as opposed to large conforms and finishing. I won’t have a budget for a Mac studio and won’t be looking at the iMacs. Curious to know whether anyone is currently running flame on one or whether they plan too.

Thank you!

There are people running Flame on their M1 laptops so I can’t see why there would be much difference compared between a MacBook Pro and a M1 Mac Mini. Not running it at my end though.


As Adam stated, there are many of you running Flame Family products on mac with less performing configurations. To run Flame on mac, you just need to make sure you follow the minimum system requirements as documented here:

Have fun :wink:

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So seeing as the M2 can only go to 24GB ram that would be a no.
Basic : 32GB
Recommended : 64 GB or higher


24GB only would be an issue IMHO … I run mine on Mac Studio M1 Ultra with 128GB and seems OK so far … haven’t done anything crazy yet so I’m staying cautiously optimistic.

It’ll run, definitely. I got it up and running on an M1 Air with 16 gigs of ram last year.

But as everyone else is saying, you’ll probably want more ram. :slight_smile:

Thanks Andy, this is what i was thinking. I ran a flame trial version a good while back on an ancient imac with 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7 and 32GB ram and it was surprisingly “good”, no heavy duty comp work was happy keying and blurring and tracking etc.

Genuinely curious about this.

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You can return any item to an Apple Store within 2 weeks. I’d suggest picking one up and testing it out (and then reporting back here, of course :grinning:)

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that is of course an option too! :wink:

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Hey there Big Dave!

I can report to you that I recently installed Flame on my Mac Mini M2 with a whopping 8gb of RAM to play around with some Flame Beta stuff. I haven’t done any bit of heavy lifting, or even light lifting for that matter, but I can tell you that it does install and does run. I’m sure if Autodesk saw this conversation they would insist that it is not “Hardware Validated” meaning your mileage will vary depending on what you’re doing, but that all depends on what you plan to do with it.

I have a feeling that if you try to do ANYTHING with, say, motion vectors, you would have a bad time. But maybe that would be a fun thing to test.

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This is true of items in stock but I think not with configured to order (CTO) orders…
Double check that detail before purchase.

Same here, have run 2023 on my MacBook Air with 16 gb. It certainly runs and some things are way faster than my trashcan. But if you start adding layers, nodes, etc it will crash all of sudden.