Student wanting to learn Flame, computer options

Hi. I just wanted to dabble and learn a bit of autodesk flame. Just like learn the basics. I am in university and am learning nuke but want some exposure to flame as well.

I understand that minimum requirements are 4 GB VRAM & Intel 64 multi core processor but is it possible to run it on a Macbook Air just to learn the basics doing simple compositing tasks?



Hey there! It might install, it might even launch, but your experience will not be great and if you try and challenge it even a little (forget motion vectors or anything bigger than HD), you will probably lock up your machine.

Which is why I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t install at all. Nobody wants to see you open it up to try to play with it only to have it die. You’ll think it’s shitty software, and they’ll lose a potential sale. Lose lose.

Many people have gotten it running satisfactorily on Mac Minis though, so that might be something to consider.


I taught an fxphd class with flame installed on MacBook Air.

Give it a try! Post here if you get stuck.

Oh! Make sure it’s an Intel based Air , not M1.



Welcome! (I’m the one that answered your Reddit question) I’m glad you posted here!! This is an amazing resource and community.

Once you get Flame running, I highly recommend The Flame Learning channel on Youtube. (You may already know about it)

Also, as mentioned by Randy, has great courses on Flame.


Wow thanks everyone for all the responses, appreciate it! I’ll give it a go


Sell the MacBook Air to a vlogger and buy the best used MacBook Pro you can afford.

Flame still runs (just about) on a 2012 15” MacBook Pro retina and you can get them used for about $400.

It’s likely that the next version bump of the OS will render this machine totally obsolete, as far as the L33T are concerned.

Ignore them.

When you’ve finished learning flame you can run windows and nuke on it for the next 10 years.

After 2015 apple introduced “security” chips soldered to the motherboard of laptops, minis and Mac pros.

This makes these machines virtually unfixable.

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