Black Edge QC Technique


Love it! Sometimes simple is the best!!!

If you need to do it inside batch, also check out MX ID_Edgy


This is a great technique, but, it always felt like the repeat comes after the scale down.
Therefore I’m using a mix between the black corner matchbox, I’ve bought from Mark Doney back in his days, with a ‘repeat x frames pixels in edge inwards’ action, followed by the 2d tranform technique.

Here, the border left def is wrong, but the right bottom is right, as it’s just a black content but it is not full black.
(Due to still unsolved questions I cannot share the MD shader sadly)

Anyway, the MD shader just awares you that there are 100% black edges/pixel, but the following both in combination also show you, that there def is sth wrong with edges that are not black. Found a very lot red, grey and offline edges, with this action combined to 2d transform style, the last years while doing QC.


ooo, fancy stuff! Thanks for sharing :fire: