Black border detector

I’ve heard somewhere that there’s a tool to check and detect black borders on the timeline. I’ve looked carefully thru all Matchboxes I have with no success.
Can anyone tell if this exists or if I imagined it or if I just can’t find Matchbox!

I feel like there was an md matchbox that was capable of this. I know the way I check for black borders when I stabilize or what have you is take a 2d transform node, scale down the the image to 50 percent, and set the 2d transform repeat mode to “last” (so it’s just repeating the last pixels of the frame). If there’s a black edge you’ll be able to notice it quite easily scrubbing or on playback because it’ll be huge as a result of the repeat mode.


Md_sure eyes?

@johnt has made a timeline gap fx that does this for you.

Blanking Edge detector


Cheers Rich for the mention. Just to let you know, I made this one for letterboxed stuff. Otherwise I use 2d transform as well like @BrittCiampa and made a preset for it on the flame.

@john-geehreng MD sure eyes still needed tweaking. I was working with Mark Doney but we never got to finish it. That’s why I made up the batch fx that @PlaceYourBetts posted the link for.


Whilst we are on this topic (maybe I am hijacking it slightly). Where is your black border coming from? Is it from stabilising or reframing the shots or is it directly from the camera footage?

I thought that I had a sure fire technique for the black border you get when shooting ProRes on Arri cameras. The Clean Aperture Blanking option in the QuickTime ClipOptions. But with the most recent .MXF 4444XQ you don’t have this option. I miss the simplicity that this brought.

Not sure what ‘sure eyes’ was doing, but see if this does anything for you. Basically just highlights any pixels that are RGB 0.0

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I made this one. it checks pixel under a value when they are aligned on the border of frame.
I never took the time to upload it to logik. Sorry
F (78.8 KB)

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I’ve sent a master and there was a final tweak I’ve done directly on the timeline, a very subtle reframing, and I didn’t notice the one-pixel black edge!
Thank you, guys! Have tested the QCheck and also the 2DTransform trick.
Both ways do the job!



Sorry for being dim - do you have more detailed instructions?

Also, have you tested it with letterboxes?

I was about to say, 2d transform all the way. It’ll make your day, to find black borders. Anyway…

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