Blackmagic UltraStudio Monitor 3G outputs Red frame from Flame osx

Hey Logik, I have been setting up a new flame and asked Finn Jaeger way too many questions haha, so I would throw the ball out here…

I have a new ultrastudio monitor, and when I launch flame the HDMI output is just a red frame.

Any tips?

Hardware is mac studio ultra, apple thunderbolt 3 cable, and hdmi output

Cheers from Berlin

I have the same setup with a 4k mini. Everything is working fine.

Do you have Blackmagic “Desktop Video Setup” in your mac settings? Everything look correct there?

I Have a 4k mini, and it always gets so hot it switches the display to black till its cooled down. Really annoying. Id be interested to know if people have there’s set to free run or wether everyone gives a genlock reference. I think this might be something to do with the issue.

I haven’t seen this overheat issue and mine is constantly on. Using it with Mac Studio.

You can fry an egg on my untrastudio 3g and I’ve never seen a red output. You might have a faulty unit.

Have you tried reinstalling the driver and doing a cold computer boot.

also might be worth switching to some different setups in the driver to see if it kick starts the unit. eg, frame rate etc

Thank you i will investigate.