UltraStudio 4K Mini issues

Has anyone used the UltraStudio 4K Mini with Flame 2021,2022 on mac?
I’m having a playback problem I can’t sort out.
Playing back HD 25p to client monitor through HDMI makes audio loose sync every 60sec or so.
Switching broadcast monitor to 4k (in a HD project) solves the problem but makes my HD reference monitor useless.
Using other software (BM Media Express, Premiere) no problem playing back HD.
Tried different client monitors with no luck.
Flame driver problem?

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I’ve been using that configuration for a couple of years. If you can hear the audio, then it is likely not a driver issue but a configuration issue or configuration mismatch.

What do you mean that it loses sync every 60 seconds or so? You mean its on then boom, the sync is off? Or do you mean the audio starts in sync and then drifts out of sync? If so, then its likely that you have a mismatch somewhere. I’d make a custom clip of 2 minutes of black, and every second chop in a single frame of bars and tone, and loop that, and see if that is in sync. Then go from there.

Thank you for quick response Randy,
The BMD Ultra Studio 4K mini is a recently new product.
It does not loose sync (drift), it looses audio completely and client (HDMI) monitor goes bananas and tries to find a new source (witch it does eventually). Even tried a HDMI split to remove eventual control signals in the HDMI signal with no luck. This only happens in HD (25p, 50i, etc), tried all possibly configs but no luck.

Hrmm…thats frustrating. Umm…bad cable? Card seated in the PCI slot correctly?

Tried a bunch of cables, It’s a standalone box Thunderbolt 3 on mac.
The strange thing is that it works in HD through SDI (witch i use for monitor/audio) but not through HDMI (client).

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Oh of course…sheesh…yup…sorry. in my head that was the UltraStudio 4k Mini Monitor which is the PCI card version. I also used to own the device you are speaking of.

Hmm. Something is definitely funky. You wouldnt happen to have another client monitor to see if its that, would ya?

Or, if its only HD, try an SDI to HDI converter ?

Yeah, tried with three different monitors from different brands with no luck.
May be best to move back to Aja, less problems.
Seems like it’s a thing for Autodesk to sort out in coming releases.

A lot of us use Blackmagic without problems. If the SDI is working, then, the device is configured correctly I think, so, Im not sure what autodesk could do. Might be worth checking in the Blackmagic forums?

Thanks Randy, will check with BMD.
Still strange it works with other software on the same machine.

Ummm…wait…shouldnt the resolution of the broadcast monitor not be tied to the resolution of the computer monitor?

How long is the HDMI cable between the UltraStudio and the client monitor?