Blackmagic UltraStudio For Flame Mac

Hey all!

Setting up a Flame suite with Mac Studio. Planning on using either UltraStudio 4K Extreme 3 or 4K Mini.
Is the Extreme overkill and Mini would work just the same?
Would use it for 4K playback and don’t think we would ever need any capture capabilities.



We use the 4k mini with Mac Studio. Works great… approximately the same width as the studio so it sits on top of it. The Extreme seemed like overkill for us.

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Same here. Works great with the mini, works great.


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I really hope for a 4K mini monitor, i also have a 4K mini and use only the hdmi out which is kinda sad.

You cant even loop the sdi out to the in for things like nobe scopes, ill have to buy a scaler and then scale to use my mini recorder for scopes … meh. (looping works but it gets reallly buggy with audio)