Black Magic Ultra Studio 4K Mini

hi all. ive just set up my mini 4k ultra with the Mac studio and can’t get it to output flame. ive set up BMD in the setup, along with some preview settings. nothing - nothing appears in the broadcast monitor prefs either. if I run resolve it outputs through that device absolutely fine. any ideas?

Check the Flame setup again, first time I did it it didn’t stick. You have to do it both in ‘General’ and ‘Preview’ and you have to make sure ‘BMD’ is checked in ‘Preview’. Then you select it in FLAME.

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hey there - im still having problems with this. it just won’t recognise it. done all of that in the settings and tried again and again. in a new project im getting it work first time, but when I go into the broadcast monitor settings section it says nothing and then it disappears. any ideas?

not sure if this will work in this case…ui ha da very similar problem installing the AJA T-Tap pro on the laptop recently. AJA support said
This is more than likely due to a Big Sur bug that affects third party kernel extensions from loading.
If you uninstall and reinstall 16.0.2, does the driver load?
If not, try the following in Terminal:
sudo touch /Library/Extensions

ignoring the bit about reinstalling the driver as its for a different driver…thist seemed to work on my Mac…

What does sudo touch do?

no idea…hopefully someone with unix knowledge might be able to enlighten us.
I just know after doing that, my macbook could see the TTap and i could see the broadcast output

“sudo touch” simply creates an empty file.

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And what’s the point of that?

Have you tried reinstalling the BMD Desktop Video software?

There is (was) an issue with Avid that you have to install the BMD software after installing Avid or it can’t see it. Thinking was, the BMD installer looks at the software installed and adjusts its install accordantly.

When I build a system I install BMD software, install all apps but don’t open them, then install BMD software again. Seems to work.

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