Blg on Flame 2022/2023

i would ask if anyone of you is using blg on Flame 2022 or 2023. Because Film light doesn’t support it

Blg - recommendation from FilmLight:
System Requirements

Standard Flame workstation (Linux or macOS), running Flame 2019, 2020
or 2021.
Please note there are currently issues reported with Flame 2022.


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Yes, we’re using it with 2022. For the most part it works but there are the usual issues getting it up and running. I equate it to an old car, you have to know how to start her.

We have, however, run into issues on a current project where the BLGs just won’t render. We’ve opened a ticket with FL but so far nothing.

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Sorry i thought that it is common tool. Even in the small companies.I apologize

We run 2021.2 and use blgs without major issue.

Super heavy to render and not always reliable.

Good to know there are issues with it in later versions - I’ll get an update.

We have great reliability rendering blgs out of nuke FYI.

None of the blg renders are designed to replace a final render from grade though. Presentation only

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Don’t be sorry—some people here like you to chew their food for them.

BLG’s are fairly common for shops who grade and finish in BaseLight and Flame as you see here and there have been discussions in the past about what works and what doesn’t—reliability and speed being the two most common issues.

I’d imagine a quick call to FilmLight would resolve (too easy) any questions regarding software versions but we’ve used it on 2022 without drastically different outcomes.


Hiya @Haremheb, good to see you again.

Filmlight drives me insane with their documentation.

“Please note there are currently issues reported with Flame 2022”.

What issues? If you know about them, then why don’t you tell us about them so we can make up our own mind? They used to pull that shit with resolution back I the early days. “BLGs don’t support high resolutions.” WHAT RESOLUTION DO YOU SUPPORT THEN?


We use blg on every commercials, because mostly grading is at the end. Clients want to grade complete spots with comps etc. Even if you have aces workflow…

Exactly the same experience, we have issues but we won’t say what they are

No need to apologize @Haremheb. There are several BLG users here who are quite familiar with the ins and outs…and frustrations of the BLG workflow. Lackluster documentation and the fiddliness with the BLG engine thingamajig (Baselight Renderer?) means you are not alone.

We discussed it quite a bit here…

and mentioned BLGs here…


and of course for those unfamiliar don’t forget while we are off of Facebook… the trusty search bar.

Happy BLGing.