BMD SDI output at 8bit only?

I’ve been seeing banding on the output of a Flme system after switching to BMD instead of AJA. I am seeing banding and I have noticed in the shell that it is saying 8bit, RGB 4:4:4 after the resolution in brackets. I’d like to monitor in 10bit.

Do I have to modify the init.cfg (was that even where you modified it? I can’t remember any more) like the old days to do that as there is nothing in setup. Can’t see anything about 8 or 10bit in video preview in there.

Any ideas?!!

I know the card is capable of 10bit as that is what I am monitoring in Resolve.

Fwiw. Ive got an old Blackmagic mini monitor and it was displaying banding. When I upgraded to my Mac studio I needed to replace it as my old one was not compatible.

Do you have a really old Blackmagic Monitor and if so maybe the firmware needs updating

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I am on 12.3.1 of Desktop Video and that updates the firmware when you install it.

There are newer versions of Desktop Video but don’t want to go there as 12.3 is the supported driver for Flame.

I can get 10bit at HD but not at UHD.

I will investigate further. Other systems are busy right now but I want to check them to see if it is the same.

Weird, if I switch to HD them back to UHD then it now is in 10bit mode….

I will try and repeat this when I get a chance next week.