Banding on output monitoring

Hi guys, I’m seeing lots of banding on my Sony EL Trimaster monitor. When I do a dissolve from black to a default generated gradient you can see an obvious stairstep. This is only noticeable on broadcast out via SDI to the Sony and HDMI to the OLEG. The video path is iMacpro -> BMD UtranStudio Mini -> SDI and HDMI monitors. The LG 4k UI is fine. I’ve also done the same test from Resolve and there is no banding (or at least the banding matches the UI). Any suggestions?

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Most likely your ultrastudio outputs 8bit RGB signal. It should be YUV to support 10 bit. Bad news - I didn`t find a way to correct such an error back in the day.

I accept what you are saying but home come resolve doesnt have the same effect

Resolve by default set to output YUV signal. If you set it to RGB (sometime it needed) you will get the same problem.

yeah I doubled checked all of that. I also created a project/timeline in 16 and 32 bit too and got the same results

If my memory serves me well there is a broadcast monitor colourspace option in broadcast monitor preferences. If it set to RGB 4:4:4 try to set it to YUV 4:2:2. May help

You are right however I cannot seem to change it. It’s says YCrCb Rec 709 4:2:2

I would contact support in this case. Both Autodesk and Blackmagic.

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Colorspace? What is your UltraStudio Mini set to? And is that an Ultrastudio Mini HD or Mini 4k? And what are the settings of your Ultrastudio output?

Hi Randy, my Ultrastudio is setup as per the screen shot.

I have contacted ADSK support and it appears there is a problem so I hope they will be able to have a fix for it.

Anybody out there using on a Mac system using a BMD Ultrastudio monitor (Thunderbolt) going to SDI and or HDMI monitors.

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That’s me. I’ve got an BMD Ultrastudio Mini 4k and a BMD Decklink Mini 4k Monitor which I currently run to an HDMI monitor and an SDI monitor, the BMD 4k duo monitor.

Why? How can I help?

Hi. My mistake. I’m looking for someone that has the same setup as me. I’m seeing banding on my broadcast out. My BMD is HD not 4K but I would still like to know if you see the same result on your monitor.

If you have the time can you generate a 2 pot gradient for 50 frames, drop it on the timeline and put a 50f fade up on it. Then park on frame 12. Do you see stair stepping on the broadcast out?

I’ve done the same test in premiere and resolve and the results are very different. (As expected)

For a while I’ve been noticing Banding issues but wrote it off as part of the way it works and just throw some grain on it to fix.

I noticed this more now that I’m moving my grading into flame compared to grading in resolve.

My BMD ultra studio mini HD is not in the recommended system config so now I’m wondering if I should buy a new one.

If so what’s the general consensus as to the brand. AJA or BMD. and I guess I should now aim at 4K

Thanks for reading.

According to manufacturer specs BMD ultra studio mini HD should support 10 and 12 bit RGB on sdi out, HDMI only 8bit RGB.

Can you do a little test - take HDMI cable out (live only Sony monitor with SDI connection), restart your mac and give your “gradient test” a try. Just to nail an issue.

Hi Val, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I get the same result

I still think it`s 8bit RGB vs 10 bit YUV problem

Only hardware swap will help((((

Hi again, I borrowed a friends Ultrastudio 3d and the problem has gone away. Does resolve and premiere output rgb 10bit?. Is it that flame is not initialising the BMD correctly?

The Ultrastudio 3d is setup the same way as the mini monitor

Both Premiere and Resolve is outputing 10bit YUV by default. Resolve can be easily switched between YUV and RGB, it doesn`t matter what set in BMD setting system wide.

Hi Randy, I’m looking at replacing my BMD mini monitor and was wondering what you think of the Ultrastudio 4k mini is like. I also noticed that the unit has a TB3 and USB and was wondering that when flame is outputting a signal does the USB port present a webcam output to use in Zoom.