Boris CC OFX in Flame

Didn’t want to hijack the other thread about text in Flame, but @johnag posted screenshot of Boris CC OFX installed in Flame:

Is this a thing?!? I thought BCC hadn’t been available for Flame for several years. On their website it says OFX is supported for Nuke and others but not Flame?

@FriendsFromBorisFX ?

Flame 2022.0 Linux Centos 7.6


So here’s the deal- Continuum OFX is not supported for Flame because there is no linux installer, same for Nuke and Resolve. While we offer official support for Continuum OFX in Nuke/Resolve on Mac/Win, we don’t test it extensively on Flame Mac because we feel a large proportion of the user base in on linux or needs to pass a setup over to linux at some point. So it currently falls under under the “some things might work, other’s definitely won’t” category.

Everyone is more than welcome to try out the Continuum OFX demo for Mac (it will red X watermark) to see if there are effects that work, and then can purchase a license. Just be aware that a product being un-supported means just that- if there’s an issue our internal team won’t be able to help since we don’t internally test Continuum OFX in Flame.

Last, there are many attractive lower price options for Continuum, like effect units and individually priced filters so if you find an effect you like and it works, then it might be an easy low-cost decision.



Thanks very much Brian, all good info.
(Yeah right now I’m actually just interested in the Image Restoration module, which I used to use extensively in Avid years ago - we already have Sapphire which covers a lot of the other stuff).

Is there any plan to extend support to Linux platforms?

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That’s a hard question. It’s not a small task, and there would have to be a large interest shown in the need which to this point hasn’t happened. Certain parts of Continuum would be very easy to port to Linux, others would be extremely difficult. In a perfect world, I might dare to imagine a subset of Continuum effects for Flame Mac/Linux but not the whole package- similar to how we deal with FCPX. Again, the need would have to be there from the user base.

OK, fair enough… How do we register interest and need?!

Ahh now we are at the good stuff. I’ll be sure to pass along your info to the team, but you can always post here to start up a discussion with the Continuum team- it gets monitored pretty closely.

Cheers Brian! Very helpful.

In case anyone else would like this too… please add your vote on this Boris forum thread!

There are a few tools in the BCC Image Restoration module which are great for quick cleanups, and which (afaik) don’t have equivalents in existing Flame OFX or matchboxes.

Hello cicero –

I haven’t used Continuum, but I’m interested to know which of their plugins you like and haven’t found an equivalent elsewhere!

It’s there. Plenty of finishing editors could use them.
This would help with at least some Continuum uses in AVID over to Flame.

Hi Chris, actually I just went and looked in one of our Avid suites and admittedly there aren’t as many as I remember there being years ago…! But BCC Pixel Fixer and BCC Flicker Fixer are probably worth the sub alone. eg Flicker Fixer often just nails shots which S_FlickerRemove, y_flicker and even Neat make a mess of.

Thank you for the BCC flicker recommendations, cicero. My favorite forever has been Sapphire’s flicker remove and match but over the years of freelancing it became uncommon to find a facility that had a Sapphire license so I got used to working without.

There are some flicker tools in the LOGIK shader set but I’ve never had luck getting them to work.

Will take a peek at Boris.