SapphireOFXinstall-2021.5 issue

Just ran the update to Sapphire OFX and now flame can’t find any of the Sapphire’s. Still find the Boris continuum OFX. Anyone else run into this?

works ok on my Mac ok

Here the same problem Flame does not find any of sapphire on 2021.5

Where can we find the version number installed?

If you have access to Mac directory go to the FOLDER Applications / GenartsSapphireOFX / Config … there you will have the Effect Builder APP , if you just tap on it you should see the version

Working ok for me

strange … and version of Flame ?? 2022??

let me put it another way. flame shows the OFX in the list

but selecting the OFX results in the following error message

yes thats the problem for me too…even on timeline when i select a effect from latest version of sapphire the black preview window doesn’t disappear

Yes. 2022

right now if you apply a sapphire effect on Batch or Timeline do you see its final result ?? @johnag


thats strange …for me its not working…and i have done a second install…

try running the installer again.
check to see if the license is activated.

Done the usual IT solution.? Restart.

yes restarted… same thing…the license is activated everithing is as usual but flame is not finding it

of course

Mac or linux?